Floor Cleaning in London

Floor cleaning

Floor cleaning, restoration, grinding and buffing - we are specialists in polishing services for your floor. We have many years of experience in maintaining different types of natural stone and tile flooring. Magnificent floors are the key to having striking-looking home, office, hotel or showroom. We specialize in proper care of concrete, marble, granite and other hard surfaces. We are at your beck and call on 020 3519 8749 for floor cleaning and polishing in London at very reasonable prices.

Most tiled surfaces and natural stones are porous and absorb dirt and spills. This could ruin your gorgeous floor and decreases the pleasure of owning it. We apply diamond polishing pads to deep clean the grime and produce a beautiful gloss. We perform high grade floor care, worth for any business premises or private house in London. Contact us today on 020 3519 8749 or send us your request on-line and we will arrange you free estimate on site with our experts.

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  • Natural stone worktop polishing
  • Marble, concrete, granite care
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Diamond pad polishing system
  • Grinding, buffing, restoration services
  • Professional floor cleaning and polishing

We conduct also not so well-known service - worktop and counter top polishing. It is performed with special portable machine, fit to buff, grind and clean reception desks, stairs, bathtubs, windowsills, worktops and another stone-made surfaces. We are prepared for any floor cleaning job in London, regardless of its size. We can bring you back the joy of your beautiful flooring by bringing back the lustre and reflectance in it. Contact us for professional maintenance and floor cleaning and polishing procedures at attractive prices.

Give us a short call on 020 3519 8749 or request our services here and we will arrange your floor cleaning and polishing right away.

Floor Cleaning Prices

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Each property has its individual characteristics, like size, condition and number of items that need to be cleaned. Regarding to this, each cleaning action requires different procedures and different duration. The prices listed above are approximate for average sized properties and items. Only end of tenancy cleaning is guaranteed service with free of charge re-clean within 48 hours. We could not guarantee the results of the cleaning of persistently contaminated or worn out fabrics, but we would make everything possible to improve their condition.


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"Everything was very well organised - the keys were picked up from my agency and dropped back there, the house was professionally cleaned and I got my deposit back! Thank you for all that!"

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